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ES-Shape enables to easily create procedural 2D shapes within Substance 3D Designer. With a single node or a handful of them, you'll be able to create complex shapes, based on curves or segments. The accompanying examples and tutorial video will guide you into the tool's usage.

Requires Adobe Substance 3D Designer 12.2.1 or above.

Questions/feedback? Check out our Discord server!

New in v1.1

  • Modulation options to generate even more varied shapes.
  • Up to 10 control points per component, enabling up to 50 control points per shape nodes (across up to 5 components).

Main Features

  • Design various shapes using sets of curves or segments to position through a variable number of control points.
  • Component-based design: each ES-Shape node may generate up to 5 independent or linked shape components with up to 10 control points per component, that is up to 50 control points per shape node.
  • Optional shape closing joining first and last control points (per component).
  • Optional filling of closed shapes.
  • Global or per-component choice of curve or segment usage.
  • Four modulation types (wave, pseudo-square, pseudo-triangle, arcade) per component generating various repeating deformations along curves, enabling a host of shaping possibilities.
  • Connect an optional thickness profile to vary the thickness of the curves along their length (per component).
  • Connect and optional luminosity profile to vary the grayness level of the curves along their length (per component).
  • Grayness level configurable per component.
  • Symmetry handling (X, Y, X+Y).
  • Global and per-component drawing thickness settings.
  • Optional grayness fade at beginning/end of the curves with length and midpoint settings.
  • Grid snapping for precise control point positioning (global or per component).
  • Configurable background grayness level.
  • Easily identify each control point with per-component or global control point selectors and optional overlays showing control point numbers.
  • Optional global scaling enabling to scale components without resolution artifacts.
  • Default drawing pattern styles or connect your own drawing pattern.
  • Optional dilation/inversion effects.

Package Content

  • ES-Shape node (SBSAR)
  • Demo graph with several examples (SBS)
  • Getting Started documentation
  • Tutorial videos (50 mins)

License notice

Licenses are single seat only. You cannot resell or distribute the package or some of its content into a form that would expose it to reuse or embed them into your own components.

You can use ES-Shape for your commercial projects provided you have a commercial license and do not embed the SBSAR, directly or indirectly, into your distribution. If you wish to embed the ES-Shape node into your distributions, please contact us at for a specific license.

License types

  • Personal, non-commercial: for personal use (not companies), may be used for non-commercial projects only.
  • Indie, commercial: may be used for commercial projects, for individuals, schools or companies with revenue below USD $100K a year.
  • Studio, commercial: may be used for commercial projects, for individuals, schools or companies with revenue above USD $100K a year.
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