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HairTG - Hair & Fur is a hair/fur texture generator for Substance 3D Designer (texturing) and a 3D hair card creation add-on for Blender 3.x. It enables to create real-time hair models, both texturing and modeling, based on hair cards. The texturing suite also comes with powerful automation and scripting tools enabling to batch generate or modify sets of textures.

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New in version 2.7.1

A workaround has been made to address an issue due to a Designer regression where parameter conditional visibility condition evaluation was broken in some cases. This issue was, among other things, making all Control Points visible in the 2D view even though only some of them were functional. The SBS graphs have been updated to Designer 12.4.0.

New in version 2.7

This update is a general overhaul of the tools with new tutorials, dozens of updates in several areas of the texturing tools to improve ease of use, quick design start up and creation overall. The main changes are:

  • New tutorial videos for both the texturing and Blender modeling parts, taking things from the beginning and using the latest improvements and techniques provided in this update. All tutorial videos are now included in the purchase and may be watched online on supporting stores.
  • New parameter presets in the main Hair & Fur Substance enabling to generate startup designs and change various hair properties.
  • Reorganized parameters in the main Hair & Fur Substances to ease understanding and access.
  • Tiling overhaul: arranging the hair designs into a single PBR texture set for final export is now much faster and simpler, with updated components, updated tiling technique not requiring intermediate steps.
  • Reorganized package content, templates and sample files to use the updated components of this version.
  • Documentation of the main Hair & Fur Substance rewritten in large parts.

HairTG - Hair & Fur overall features


  • Create various hair style textures, including straight hair, wavy, curly and braids suitable for 2D and 3D applications in particular hair/fur cards.
  • Templates (startup files), Samples (design examples) and Presets (predefined Substance parameters) for quick design start ups.
  • A comprehensive set of tutorial videos and manuals guiding you through the parameters and usages.
  • Generation of multiple PBR maps: Mask, Alpha/Opacity, ID (grayscale and color), Depth (Height/Displacement), Color, Flow (Direction), Ambient Occlusion, Normal, Roughness, Root/Tip maps.
  • Tiling tools to arrange several PBR hair clumps with minimal effort into a single large map suitable to game engines/renderers.
  • Automatic variation generation enabling to derive hundreds of designs from a base one.
  • Multiple coloring modes, including the ability to color each hair independently based on a color source.
  • Three levels of hair clumping to handle many kind of hair structures.
  • Hair texture shaping through control points.
  • Ability to combine texture designs to create more complex ones.
  • Extensive depth variation generation along the hair length, from fully automatic to custom.

Substance 3D Designer plugin

This optional plugin has the main following functions:

  • Provides an environment to automate tasks on a set of Hair & Fur instances, modifying their properties to create various designs and effects.
  • A simple scripting language based on natural language, usable from an embedded Console or from files users can build themselves.
  • Interaction with Python scripting to enhance further the automation capabilities.

Blender add-on

  • Automatic hair card UV unwrapping.
  • Random UV horizontal offsets can be generated in order to quickly produce a variety of textured cards using an underlying texture created to that attention.
  • Card folding with 3 folding types, Random, Fixed and Curved to provide cards with thickness. Folding can be operated from a flat state or the current folding state enabling combination of folding types. Folding can be reversed and canceled.
  • Card combination: sets of 2 or 3 cards can be combined to provide them a better appearance when viewed from different angles. Four combination types are available for 2-card and 3-card sets. Once combined, cards can still be moved/rotated until they are joined into a single mesh.
  • Card origin can be set to the card root automatically, either on cards or a card combinations, enabling to create longer or shorter hair with a simple sizing operation.
  • Hair card association to particle hair grooming: this powerful feature enables usage of the native Blender 3D hair grooming system to generate hair curves which are then associated to hair cards. Curves can then be edited independently with cards following their paths.
  • The Replace Cards function enables to replace a set of cards with another card, even when associated to curves.
  • A Finalize tool generates a hair model (single mesh or multiple hair cards meshes) from the card/curve associations.
  • A Utility section provides convenience functions to assign/remove materials, duplicate cards without duplicating their material and rename objects in various ways. 

Product Contents

  • Tutorial videos for the texturing and modeling tools.
  • Three samples with 3D hair model, SBS tiling graph, rendered textures and Toolbag scene.
  • Substances in SBSAR format: Hair/Fur generator, Tiling components and various utilities.
  • Substance template files and parameter presets.
  • Substance 3D Designer plugin in installable form.
  • A Blender add-on for Blender 3.2 in zip form, installable in Blender.
  • User Manuals for the Substance 3D Designer components and Blender add-on.


HairTG - Hair & Fur is designed to be used with Substance 3D Designer 12.1 or above for the Substance 3D part and Blender 3.2 for the Blender add-on.

License notice

Licenses are single seat only. You cannot resell or distribute the package or some of its content into a form that would expose it to reuse.

License types

Commercial Studio: the tool and generated textures may be used for commercial projects, for individuals, schools or companies with revenue above USD $100K a year.

Commercial Indie: the tool and generated textures may be used for commercial projects, for individuals, schools or companies with revenue below USD $100K a year.

Non-commercial: for personal use (not companies), the product can be used for non-commercial projects. This license also enables usage in a single commercial project with a maximum of 2000 sales or 20000 views.

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HairTG - Hair & Fur

23 ratings
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